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Ringlock Scaffolding

Benefits of Ringlock Scaffolding: Robust. Ringlock scaffolding unique design and ring-lock type connection has provided the scaffolding and construction industry a unique. Resilient. Ringlock scaffold can be used within a variety of industries, sectors and environments, manufactured from high strength, lightweight galvanized steel. Ringlock features the ability to be used in extreme environmental conditions, on and offshore. Increased Productivity. On an industrial and construction scale, Ringlock scaffold offers quick installation alongside extreme flexibility. The pre-fabricated nature of Ringlock permits quick installation, resulting [...]

Free Counseling Construction Scaffolding

  You want to rent scaffolding? You are wondering? Your work is complicated, you don’t know how to arrange it safely and economically? Y ou have a lot of questions about scaffolding? V / v …… Please contact us: Let us help you! Help you have the most accurate view. Choose the right one for your work. Technical Department – Kim Minh Production and Trading Company Limited Address: Thuong Cat Ward – Bac Tu Liem District – Hanoi City Tel / Fax: 024.332.554.20 Phone: 0168.468.18.26  | Mr. Thanh Email:           ')} [...]